When a light switch or electric radiator breaks, it can quickly become the bane of your life and you want nothing more than to it get it fixed as quickly, and hassle-free, as possible.

The temptation to fix it yourself can be overwhelming, especially when it seems like a simple task; however, it’s important to understand that electricity is one of the biggest hazards we face on a day to day basis resulting in over 19,000 fires and 700 injuries a year.
Therefore, we implore you to seek the help of a qualified, NICEIC registered electrician for any and every electrical issue you may face – no matter how small or trivial it may seem.

We have a no fuss, fast-response, electrical repairs and maintenance service for Birmingham and surrounding areas that connects you with one of our highly skilled and experienced electricians whenever you need them.
They can safely repair any broken electrical fittings or fixtures, from the most modern technology to older models, or carry out any necessary electrical maintenance work on your behalf.

All our electricians work to UK safety regulations, are NICEIC registered and have been carefully vetted by us to ensure that workmanship is of the highest standard.


– Kitchen and bathroom fixtures and fittings
– Electric water heaters
– Electric radiators and underfloor heating
– Sockets and indoor/outdoor lights
– Alarms and security systems
– Blown fuses

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