Central heating refers to the system in a property that provides warmth to the interior, typically running from a boiler through pipes that connect to radiators placed throughout the building; although, underfloor heating has quickly become a popular, modern-day alternative to radiators.

If your central heating breaks down, or you want an upgrade, then you’ll require the services of a Gas Safe registered engineer.


It is highly recommended that you upgrade your central heating system if your current one is an older model. By replacing an outdated central heating system with a new one, you could reduce your gas bill substantially and reduce your carbon footprint.

Many homeowners and businesses are moving towards smarter central heating systems that enable you to set timers, control your heating outside of the property from your phone and create zonal heating so that only specific rooms or areas are being heated at one time.

The benefits of this modern system are obvious, and our experienced and

Gas Safe registered engineers are highly skilled in fitting and repairing these newer systems as well as working with older models too.

Furthermore, if you’re undergoing some renovations in your property and require a new central heating system to be installed, or just require some maintenance work on your current central heating system, then our qualified gas engineers are here to help.

We also extend our services to air conditioning and ventilation system installations, maintenance and repairs which is often considered a sub-category of central heating as they’re used to help control the temperature within a room.


– Central heating installations, including radiators and smart systems
– Central heating repairs and maintenance
– Power flushing to clean and de-scale your pipework
– Installation and maintenance of air conditioning and ventilation systems

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