A blocked shower? A leaking pipe? A dripping tap?

All of these seemingly minor disturbances can be extremely frustrating and disrupt our daily lives far more than we would care to admit.

A shower blockage can make washing yourself an uncomfortable experience, a leaking pipe can cause hefty damage to a property and a dripping tap can keep you up at night; hence, they are all problems that require immediate attention from a professional.


It can be tempting to try to remedy these issues yourself, but we always advise that you seek the assistance of a qualified plumber to ensure that the job gets done correctly and to avoid any bigger issues cropping up further down the line.

We have experienced, CIPHE accredited plumbers on hand to carry out any

plumbing repairs or maintenance work needed for domestic and commercial properties around Birmingham and the West Midlands.

No matter how big or small the plumbing issue may be, our plumbers can resolve it quickly and safely, and on a long-term basis so that you can return to a fully functioning home/property for the foreseeable future.

If the damage is beyond repair, then we will provide a new quote, on site, for any removals, replacements and installation work that will need to be carried out.


– Toilet and sink blockages
– Running toilets
– Pipe and radiator leakages
– Dripping taps
– Clogged drains
– Low water pressure

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