A damaged chimney, or one in poor condition, can be a major health and safety hazard which is why it’s important to detect any problems early on.

The sole purpose of a chimney is to act as a safe passageway for smoke and heat to escape out of the home and into the outside air; so, if your chimney is not able to function properly, for whatever reason, this could lead to harmful substances building up in your home and causing severe health issues for those living inside.

We can carry out a range of chimney works and maintenance services, around Birmingham and surrounding areas, with our team of NFRC accredited roofers to ensure that your safety is no longer at risk.


Whatever maintenance work your chimney requires, from small repairs to major rebuilds on both domestic and commercial properties, our highly skilled roofers are here to help.

We can complete any chimney repair work to restore your rundown chimney back to its former glory, including removal of any build up of substances, fixing any damage to the flue or chimney crown and replacing brickwork.

All our roofers are professional and reliable and have experience working with both masonry and metal chimneys.


When you start to notice gaps in the mortar of your chimney’s brick or stone work, it means that your chimney is in need of repointing; this being the process of filling and repairing the joints so that your chimney can continue to be functional and secure for as long as possible.

If you don’t act on this quickly, then your chimney could start to crumble, and its foundation will get weaker which poses a major safety risk for those inhabiting the property and passers-by.

Our NFRC accredited roofers provide a quality chimney repointing service that ensures the safety of all those dwelling or working in the property, and keeps the chimney looking great too!

chimney repointing


Want to fit a new fireplace that requires a chimney to be installed? Want to remove a chimney that is no longer in use?

Our fully trained roofers have got you covered for all your chimney needs!

We can even complete thorough chimney inspections, so if you have moved into an older home and would like to have the chimney surveyed for any damage then our experienced roofers can conduct an inspection and diagnose problems that may develop into something dangerous or expensive to repair further down the line.


– Repointing and repairs
– Rebuilding chimney stacks
– Chimney removals
– Chimney installations

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